A decade and a half later, a Portuguese director climbs the stairs of the biggest festival in the world

This Saturday, May 21st, a Portuguese director climbs the steps of the Cannes Film Festival again, 16 years after the last time.

Sixteen years after the last climb of a film by a Portuguese director up the famous steps of Cannes (Juventude em Marcha, by Pedro Costa, in 2006), Portugal once again has a director making the "montée des marches" of the Cannes Film Festival in their own right, an honor that, in the last forty years, only Manoel de Oliveira (on several occasions) and, as we mentioned, Pedro Costa (once) had.

It is a unique moment of reaffirmation of filmmaker Tiago Guedes, after his auspicious presence in the Official Selection in Competition in Venice of his previous film, A Herdade (2019), also selected for the most important section of TIFF, and which ran all over the world having received several awards.

Paulo Branco, an habitué of the marches in recent decades (there are dozens of films he produced, as sole or main producer, that climbed the steps of the Grand Palais) achieves this recognition again for a Portuguese filmmaker, by the largest festival of the world after this long break, with RESTOS DO VENTO, produced by Leopardo Filmes, the only Portuguese film in the festival's Official Selection.

Next Saturday, May 21, at 6:30 pm, time of the official screening of the film, director Tiago Guedes, the main actors of the film, Albano Jerónimo, Nuno Lopes, Isabel Abreu, João Pedro Vaz, Gonçalo Waddington, Leonor Vasconcelos and Maria João Pinho, young actors Ivo Arroja, Afonso Laginha, Rui Pedro Silva Teixeira and Maria Abreu, co-writer Tiago Rodrigues, cinematographer Mark Bliss, producer Paulo Branco and executive producer Ana Pinhão Moura will climb.

Leopardo Filmes also announces that RESTOS DO VENTO will premiere in Portugal on the 22nd of September, and has already set its premiere in France for the 3rd of November, where it will be distributed by Alfama Films, which is also the international seller of the film.

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