AN OUTPOST OF PROGRESS, Hugo Vieira Da Silva in French theaters now

Paulo Branco (Alfama Films) presents an AN OUTPOST OF PROGRESS in French theaters on May 10th, 2017. The film is an adaptation of the eponymous novel of JOSEPH CONRAD, one of the greatest authors of the XIXth century. Shot in Angola, AN OUTPOST OF PROGRESS counts among its cast the

Portuguese actors NUNO LOPES and IVO ALEXANDRE as well as the Angolan actor DAVID CARACOL. The action took place at the end of the 19th century, when two inexperienced Portuguese settlers landed in an isolated part of the Congo River in order to coordinate an ivory trading post. Over time, they feel increasingly depressed by their inability to make a profit from the ivory trade. A mutual feeling of mistrust and a series of misunderstandings with the locals isolate them in the heart of the rainforest. Face to face, they start a descent into hell.

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