By Hugo Vieira da SilvaDistribution

LINE-UP 2016 (upcoming titles)

By Alfama FilmsDistribution

Stalin's couch

By Fanny ArdantDistribution

Never Ever

By Benoit JacquotDistribution

The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez

By Wim WendersDistribution

The Young One

By Julien SamaniDistribution

Fool moon

By Grégoire Leprince-RinguetDistribution

At an uncertain time

By Carlos SabogaDistribution


By Andrzej ZulawskiDistribution

Mad Love

By Philippe RamosDistribution


By Brigitte SyDistribution

Casanova Variations

By Michael SturmingerDistribution

Obsessive rhythms

By Fanny ArdantDistribution

The blue room

By Mathieu AmalricDistribution

Holy Gra

By Gianfranco RosiDistribution

My soul healed by you

By François DupeyronDistribution


By Carlos SabogaDistribution

Lines of Wellington

By Valeria SarmientoDistribution


By Katsuya TomitaDistribution

Tokyo Park

By Shinji AoyamaDistribution

Dubaï Flamingo

By Delphine KreuterDistribution

Our Paradise

By Gaël MorelDistribution

Black bread

By Agustì Villaronga Distribution

Eyes find eyes

By Jean-Manuel Fernandez et Sean Price WilliamsDistribution

Mysteries of Lisbon

By Raúl RuizDistribution

The threeway wedding

By Jacques DoillonDistribution

Ashes and blood

By Fanny ArdantDistribution


By Werner SchroeterDistribution


By Patricia PlattnerDistribution

The inner life of Martin Frost

By Paul AusterDistribution

Body rice

By Hugo Vieira Da SilvaDistribution

The rose king

By Werner SchroeterDistribution

The Captain

By Robert SchwentkeDistribution

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