​Remains of the Wind, by Tiago Guedes, hits theaters in France on February 8th 2023

Remains of the Wind was presented to the world for the first time in this latest edition of the Cannes Film Festival. The director, producers and cast had the honor of climbing the famous staircase of what is the most important film festival in the world – which a Portuguese director has not stepped on for 16 years. In this new project, Tiago Guedes starts from a pagan tradition in a village in the interior of Portugal to tell the story of a group of people to whom the past resurfaces, allowing tragedy to settle in.

Albano Jerónimo, the chameleon actor, stands out in one of the main roles, along with Isabel Abreu, Nuno Lopes and Gonçalo Waddington. Also noteworthy are Maria João Pinho, Leonor Vasconcelos, young actors Ivo Arroja, Afonso Laginha, Rui Pedro Silva Teixeira and Maria Abreu, co-writer Tiago Rodrigues and director of photography Mark Bliss.

Remains of the Wind will hit cinemas in France on the February 8th 2023.
Its premiere in Portugal is also scheduled for the September 22nd, where Leopardo Filmes will distribute it.

«While closing a drama where much of what we are, as Portuguese, is highlighted, "Remains of the Wind" lives off a solid and confident direction of the narrative by the director, the astonishing photography by Mark Bliss and the remarkable work of some of the elite of Portuguese actors and actresses, offering us a film that certainly deserved an entry in the competition and that already has an appointment with the national public for the next 22nd of September.» João Antunes, Jornal de Notícias
«One of the many small miracles of Guedes' work is being able to be a film by actors and at the same time a chamber recital, above all because it is in the group work of the actors that the most fulminant thing happens here, but also because each shot-sequence contains a pleasure and a desire for pure cinema (…)» Rui Tendinha, Diário de Notícias
«Director Tiago Guedes takes us to a remote village in Portugal where a barbaric pagan ritual conducted a quarter of a century ago still asserts a powerful hold on a group of adults who find themselves revisiting repressed memories in the wake of a fresh tragedy. A palpable sense of menace hovers over the proceedings (…).
Remains Of The Wind’s rural setting is lushly photographed by Mark Bliss, with wind turbines in the distance the only indication of modernity. But what might feel timeless could also be perceived as archaic, and Guedes (The Domain) is critical of a community beholden to old ways of thinking. This is a patriarchal society with few economic opportunities, and once Paulo’s body is discovered, the film drifts into darker tonal terrain, the characters seemingly draped in shadows that reflect the unresolved tension from their shared childhood.» Tim Grierson, Screen International

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