“Mosquito”, a film by João Nuno Pinto, premieres in France on June 22nd. The film will be screening in 19 theaters

Mosquito, directed by João Nuno Pinto and written by Fernanda Polacow and Gonçalo Waddington, arrives in the French theaters on June 22nd. Starring João Nunes Monteiro and produced by Paulo Branco, the film is inspired by the experience of the director's grandfather, who was part of the Portuguese army that fought German forces in Mozambique during the First World War and is one of the films featured in the reopening of the French theaters. On the 22nd of June it premieres in 9 of the most important theaters in several cities in France, followed by another 10 in the following weeks (see calendar below).

Some critic of the specialty has already seen the film and the prestigious magazine Positif refers to it like this: "The autobiographical background of the script, fed by the memories of the filmmaker's grandfather, a soldier lost in a hostile and ghostly Africa, drifts slowly towards to an account of an extreme experience. Kept in the camps far behind the live conflicts against the Germans, Zacarias convinces his superiors to let him join his regiment on the way to the battlefront, along with two black subordinates. Then the strange hostilities begin in an unknown land. Launched in pursuit of a company of infantrymen that he will never be able to reach, the soldier gets lost in the plains that darken with nightfall and then chains the improbable encounters in this wild space. " (Nicolas Bauche, Positif).

Opening film at the Rotterdam Festival in 2019, an unprecedented event for Portuguese cinema, Mosquito thus continues its international journey, having already passed through the Luxembourg and Gröningen festivals.

In Portugal, Mosquito premiered on March 5th in about 30 theaters and although interrupted by the pandemic Mosquito returned to the theaters at the reopening of cinemas (it will also be shown at Cinema Nimas in Lisbon on the 23rd of June and on the 1st and 6th of July).

Screenings in France:

From June 22nd
- UGC Les Halles, Paris
- Gaumont Parnasse, Paris
- Les Carmes, Orléans
- Le Capitole, Clermont-Ferrand
- Le Méliès, Pau
- Caméo Commanderie, Nancy
- Le Majestic, Lille
- Le Mercury, Nice
- Les Variétés, Marseille

From July 1st
- Star, Stasbourg
- Le Club, Grenoble
- Lumières, Lyon
- La Turbine, Annecy
- Le Rex, Brive la Gaillarde

From July 8th
- 400 Coups, Villefranche sur Saône
- Utopia, Bordeaux

From July 15th
- Le Navire, Valence
- Les Lobis, Blois
- L'Ecran, Vernoux en Vivarais
And other projections will be soon announced!

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