Moral Order | Film by Mário Barroso awarded by the SPA

The Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) has awarded three prizes to Moral Order. Mário Barroso's film was awarded in the following categories: Best Film, Best Screenplay (Carlos Saboga) and Best Actor (Marcello Urgeghe).

The actress Maria de Medeiros plays Maria Adelaide Coelho da Cunha, heiress and owner of the newspaper Diário de Notícias. In 1918, she leaves the social, cultural and family luxury in which she lives to run away with a driver, 26 years younger.

Moral Order was released last September in Portugal (in theatres for several weeks) and in France (in more than 40 theatres), and is a great critical success in both countries. The film is also having a great international career, with selection in various Festivals in different parts of the world, including the Tokyo Film Festival, the Goa Film Festival in India and the Festivals of Valencia and São Paulo.

Moral Order was recently rewarded at the Sophia Awards 2021, where it won two awards.

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