COSMOS already available on DVD in a special edition

COSMOS, last work by director ANDRZEJ ZULAWSKI, is already available on DVD, in a special edition by LEOPARDO FILMES, featuring two discs and unique extras.

Produced by PAULO BRANCO, COSMOS had its premiere at Locarno Film Festival, where it won the Leopard for the Best Direction. In homage to ANDRZEJ ZULAWSKI, who passed away last February, this edition of COSMOS features a set of extras specially dedicated to the director:

- In the backstage of COSMOS;
- Press Conference at Locarno Film Festival 2015;
- Q&A with Andrzej Zulawski at Locarno Film Festival 2015;
- Awards Ceremony at Locarno Film Festival 2015;
- Premiere of COSMOS at CCB during Lisbon & Estoril Film Festival 2015; - Clipping.

Through these extras, we mean to share the vision and the intents of ANDRZEJ ZULAWSKI towards the film, giving also some reading keys to the spectator for this work by a director who left his print in the world cinematography. This special edition of COSMOS also includes Portuguese and English subtitles.

COSMOS is an adaptation of the novel by the same name by polish author WITOLD GOMBROWICZ. Shot in Portugal, COSMOS stars the Portuguese actress VICTORIA GUERRA amongst other Portuguese actors, like RICARDO PEREIRA and ANTÓNIO SIMÃO, in a cast which includes some of the great names of French cinema, like SABINE AZÉMA, JEAN-FRANÇOIS BALMER and JONATHAN GENET.

COSMOS DVD is available in Portugal for 14,99€, an can be bought at FNAC, Espaço Medeia (Cinema Monumental and Espaço Nimas), as well at Leopardo Filmes’ and Medeia Filmes’ websites. In France, COSMOS is available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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