Nuit de chien

A film by Werner Schroeter

Starring Pascal Greggory, Bruno Todeschini, Eric Caravaca, Jean François Stevenin

Santamaria train station at night. OSSORIO, a forty-year-old man, arrives exhausted with the crowd of refugees and defeated soldiers. He comes back to the city he knew to meet the woman he loves. But everything has changed. A violent militia terrorizes the city. Rival factions oppose. During the ultimate night, everyone tries to save their hide. Hopelessly.

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Pascal Greggory - Ossorio
Bruno Todeschini - Morasan
Eric Caravaca - Villar
Jean François Stevenin - Martins
Amira Casar - Irène
Sami Frey - Barcala
Bulle Ogier - Dona Inès


Photography: Thomas Plenert

Music: Eberhard Kloke

Production manager: Ana Pinhão Moura

Chief decorator: Isabel Branco

Editor: Julia Gregory

Editor: Bilbo Calvez

Assistant director: José Maria Vaz Da Silva

Sound: Pierre Tucat

Sound: Matthias Lempert

  • 65th Mostra –Venice

    Jury Special Lyon to Werner Schroeter

News about Tonight

Werner Schroeter's This Night part of ArteKino Classics

On the occasion of ArteKino Film Festival, Werner Schroeter's This Night (2008) is available to watch for the whole month of September.

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