Nuit de chien

A film by Werner Schroeter

Starring Pascal Greggory, Bruno Todeschini, Eric Caravaca, Jean François Stevenin

Santamaria train station at night. OSSORIO, a forty-year-old man, arrives exhausted with the crowd of refugees and defeated soldiers. He comes back to the city he knew to meet the woman he loves. But everything has changed. A violent militia terrorizes the city. Rival factions oppose. During the ultimate night, everyone tries to save their hide. Hopelessly.

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Pascal Greggory - Ossorio
Bruno Todeschini - Morasan
Eric Caravaca - Villar
Jean François Stevenin - Martins
Amira Casar - Irène
Sami Frey - Barcala
Bulle Ogier - Dona Inès


Photography: Thomas Plenert

Music: Eberhard Kloke

Production manager: Ana Pinhão Moura

Chief decorator: Isabel Branco

Editor: Julia Gregory

Editor: Bilbo Calvez

Assistant director: José Maria Vaz Da Silva

Sound: Pierre Tucat

Sound: Matthias Lempert

  • 65th Mostra –Venice

    Jury Special Lyon to Werner Schroeter

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