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A film by Katsuya Tomita

Starring Tsuyoshi Takano, Hitoshi Ito, Dengaryu

A Kofu, a suburb of Tokyo, Seiji works on projects with a team of Thai, Japanese, Korean and Bresilian workers.  He sympathizes with Hosaka just returned from Thailand. Together, they spend their evenings in bars with young Thai. At a party, they meet Takuru member of the hip-hop community of the city, Army Village. Affected by the economic crisis, it sings his discomfort and his rage against the society. During a  battle of rap, Army Village meets a group of Brazilians with japanese origins. Starts  a "battle of words"  with identiy background.

  • 2012, 167 minutes, 1.85

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167 min | DVD 9: DUAL LAYER / PAL | Format 1.85: 1 - Screen 16/9 compatible 4/3 | Color | Audio 5.1 Dolby Digital | GENERAL AUDIENCE




Tsuyoshi Takano
Hitoshi Ito
Dengaryu (from stillichimiya)
Deejai Paweena
Ai Ozaki
Chie Kudo
Dennis Oliveira de Hamatsu
Ieda de Almeida Hamatsu
Yusuke Noguchi
Shinji Murata
Tomohito Nakajima

Yota Kawase

Young-G, Big Ben, MMM, PONY, mestar, KTY, maro

Fabio Yuji Mori
Fabio Shimazaki


Production : KUZOKU

Executive Producer : Takayuki Sasamoto

Producers: Kotaro Date, Satomi Tomita

Director : Katsuya Tomita

Screenplay : Toranosuke Aizawa, Katsuya Tomita

Cinematography : Yoshiko Takano

Sound : Iwao Yamazaki

Assistant Director : Kentaro Kawakami

Editors : Katsuya Tomita, Yoshiko Takano

Still Photographer : Ikuko Hirose

Production Designer & Art Director: Hiroshi Imamura

  • Locarno Film festival 2011

    Official Selection

Katsuya Tomita

Katsuya Tomita

Born in 1972 and a native of Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture, Katsuya Tomita moved to Tokyo upon graduating from high school to pursue his dream of one day becoming a musician. Throughout his days in Tokyo, he spent his time watching films and began to develop a desire to make films. He went on to earning cash working delivery jobs, and used his earnings to film.

In 2003, he released his first work "Above the Cloud" (8mm), which took him five years to make. The film was awarded the highest prize in the Film School of Tokyo's 2004 film festival, and with the award, Tomita went on to making "Off Highway 20" (16mm), later released in 2007. In this work, Tomita depicts the lives of young men living in Kofu, who, have no choice but to seek for a sense of belonging in the suburb outside of the city.

Around then, "KUZOKU-ku a tribe of film makers" was founded from his surrounding peers. The group aims to seek alternative ways to distribute film in the Japanese film industry. Their new film "SAUDADE" was produced from donations collected from KUZOKU supporters.

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