Remains of the Wind

Restos do Vento

A film by Tiago Guedes

Starring Albano Jerónimo, Nuno Lopes, João Pedro Vaz, Isabel Abreu, Gonçalo Waddington

In a village in northern Portugal, a rite of passage inherited from a pagan tradition leaves irreversible scars on young Laureano, who is beaten by three other teenagers. 25 years later, Laureano is still living on the outskirts of the village, on the fringe of the community and surrounded by stray dogs. The aggressors, now men, meet one night to celebrate the village festival. As night falls, an event brings the past to the surface and tragedy sets in.

  • Official website
  • 2022, 127' - Sound 5.1 - Image 2.35-Scope - DCP 4k - Language: Portuguese

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Albano Jerónimo - Laureano

Nuno Lopes - Samuel
Isabel Abreu - Judite

João Pedro Vaz - Paulo
Gonçalo Waddington - Vítor
Leonor Vasconcelos - Salomé

with the special participation of Maria João Pinho


Director Tiago Guedes
Screenplay Tiago Rodrigues and Tiago Guedes
DOP Mark Bliss ACK
Editor Marcos Castiel BFE
Art director Isabel Branco
Costumes Isabel Carmona, Arranca Corações
Sound engineer Pierre Tucat
Sound editing and mix Pedro Góis

Producers Paulo Branco, Ana Pinhão Moura

Delegate producer Mariana Marta Branco

A Leopardo Filmes
and Alfama Films Production

production in co-production with
ARTE France Cinéma
Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

and APM Produções

with the financial participation of
Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual
Fundo de Apoio ao Turismo e ao Cinema
ARTE France and CMTV

with the support of
Câmara Municipal de Penamacor
and Junta de Freguesia de Meimão

Tiago Guedes

Tiago Guedes is a Portuguese director, born in Porto in 1971. He graduated in directing at the New York Film Academy, and has developed several projects for television, theatre and cinema. 

Theatre is another discipline that marks his professional career. Tiago Guedes has directed plays by Peter Handke, Dennis Kelly, David Harrower and Martin McDonagh, among others.


Coisa Ruim, 2006 (co-directed with Frederico Serra)

Entre os Dedos, 2008 co-directed with Frederico Serra)

Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas, 2019

The Domain - A Herdade, 2019

Remains of the Wind, 2022

Tiago Rodrigues

Actor, director, playwright and scriptwriter (for film and television). He is the new director of the Avignon Festival, the first non-French national appointed to this position. He has created more than 30 plays, performed in about 20 countries.

He collaborates with Tiago Guedes on the films Tristeza e Alegria na Vida das Girafas (2019), based on one of his creations brought to the stage a few years earlier, and Remains of the Wind (2022).

  • Festival de Cannes 2022

    Official selection — Special screenings

  • 38ème Rencontres Cinéma Gindou 2022

    Official Selection

  • 19ème Rencontres cinématographiques de Cerbère-Collioure 2023

    Official Selection

  • Ourense International Film Festival 2022

    Best Film

  • Lucca Film Festival 2022

    Best Film - Press Jury

  • São Paulo International Film Festival 2022

    Official Selection

  • International Film Festival of Kerala 2022

    Official selection - World Cinema

  • Europa! Europa!

    Official Selection

Tiago Guedes


I have always wondered about the reasons behind violence amongst people. Today more than ever, this question remains one without any possible or tangible answers. We live in a society that advances in time but does not evolve, it eats itself, forever more detached from nature, producing in excess with only profit in mind. A society that forgets those that for one reason or another stay behind, those that cannot keep up, or choose not to.

This film is born from the need to reflect upon the violence exerted by the strongest upon the weakest, this illusion of power that swarms us in all aspects of society. It seeks to examine the loss of innocence, where it occurs and for what reasons.

And perhaps the biggest goal was to reflect upon fear. On how it conditions us, how it transforms us and thwarts reality.

The background setting of this film is the confrontation between the fundamental nobleness of human beings and that which we call human malice, often born from fear and ignorance of anything that is different or strange. An ancestral confrontation that society camouflages, hides, and does not have the knowledge or culture necessary to be able to eradicate it.

From there was born the need to reflect on the rites of passage (here represented through a semi-pagan ancestral tradition), almost always connected to violent and misogynistic manifestations that try to in some form symbolize that extreme “separation” where a social status is abandoned so as to acquire another.

The need to belong to a group, the desire to be accepted by those we deem strongest, as well as the desire and need to humiliate the weakest, are unfortunately traits which are still too current, and certain traditions, not only from old rituals, appear to want to legitimize the way in which groups exert their power and violence upon others. See all kinds of hazing practices, for instance, which exist in so many forms.

A community that hides the crimes of its past, that does not examine them and does not redeem itself, will be incapable of preventing future violence. It will live forever haunted. It is the shadow that arrives before the body. It is the anticipation of what might happen. A fear that changes perceptions and makes the world see through its distorted lens. A fear of anything that is different and unknown, a fear that leads to the violence and injustice which define our world. There are no morals, because there is no space for them. There is only tragedy. And fear.

News about Remains of the Wind

TRACES multi-awarded at the Sophia Awards

Tiago Guedes' film wins 3 major awards from the Portuguese Film Academy.

Remains of the wind unveils its trailer

Before discovering Tiago Guedes' film on February 8th, Remains of the wind unveils its official trailer.

Remains Of The Wind selected in Kerala

Tiago Guedes' Remains Of The Wind in Official Selection in the International Film Festival of Kerala.

Press review

"An exploration of the ambiguities of being brought to a high degree of mastery"


"An unexpected European cousin of Mystic River"


"An intense, feverish production, perfectly served by an impeccable cast."


"A fable carried by brilliant actors"


"Tiago Guedes raises his film to the level of a parable, luminous by its very darkness"

Les Fiches du cinéma

"A gripping drama"


"A gripping and disturbing film about the culture of violence."

Les Echos

"The demanding script, the richness of the characters, the rural atmosphere of this remote village and the beauty of the images all contribute to a disturbingly strange film, bordering on the fantastic."

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