In Production

Off the Beaten Track

Longe da Estrada

A film by Hugo Vieira da Silva

Taiti, 1903. Doctor, poet and artist Victor Segalen, leaves France to Hiva-Oa, to meet Gauguin personally. But when he arrives to the island the painter had already passed away. For a long time fascinated by Gauguin, Segalen will then get to know about him from the account of the women and his friends in the island. From that strong sensorial experience he will develop an ambiguous post-mortem relationship with the painter.

Off the Beaten Track is a free adaptation of the eponymous graphic novel by Christophe Gaultier and Maximilien Le Roy crossed with the reading of the letters by Victor Segalen (Correspondance 1839-1912) and his writings, some uncompleted: Hommage à Gauguin, Les Maîtres-du-Jouir and Gauguin dans son dernier décor

  • 2020

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