Moral Order

Ordem Moral

A film by Mário Barroso

Starring Maria de Medeiros

In 1918, Maria Adelaide Coelho, heiress and owner of the newspaper Diário de Notícias, abandoned the social, cultural and family luxury in which she lives to escape with an insignificant chauffeur, 22 years younger. The consequences of this decision will obviously be painful and morally devastating…

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  • 2020, Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance, Biography | 2020 | 1h41 | Portugal

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Maria de Medeiros

Marcello Urgeghe

João Pedro Mamede

João Arrais

Albano Jerónimo

Júlia Palha

Ana Padrão

Vera Moura

Dinarte Branco

Ana Bustorff

Rita Martins

Miguel Borges

Sonia Balacó

Jorge Mota

With the special participation of

Isabel Ruth

Rui Morisson

Teresa Madruga


Screenplay and dialogues Carlos Saboga

Direction and photography Mário Barroso

Original music Mário Laginha

Set design Paula Szabo

Costumes Lucha d’Orey

Sound Ricardo Leal, Pedro Góis

Assistant director and editor Paulo Mil Homens

Executive producer Ana Pinhão Moura

Poducer Paulo Branco

A Leopardo Filmes production

In association with APM Produções

With the financial support of

Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual

Ministério da Cultura

Fundo de Apoio ao Turismo e ao Cinema

Rádio e Televisão de Portugal

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Lisboa Film Commission

Cofina Media S.A.

French distribution: Alfama Filmes                            
International sales & Festival: Alfama Films   

  • São Paulo International Film Festival


Mário Barroso


This project arises from a desire: to film an actress. The expressions of an actress. The look of an actress. The face, the hands, the skin of an actress. The body, especially the body of an actress. The actress Maria de Medeiros.

More than an intention, there is this fact. I have been a director of photography for about 40 years. I have spent my life filming and lighting actors and actresses, sets, animals, cutaway shots and silly things. I know what I don’t want. I have consideration and respect for TV movies, I consider the stories to be effectively told, as proof of a rare talent.

But in this project of mine I would like the story we are going to tell not to restrain my imagination. I will ensure that it will serve us as a pretext to invent images, sounds, feelings.

It is in Maria Adelaide’s face that I would like to find the receptacle of our fears, our indignations and our wishes. More than the story that we tell through her, there will always be the skin texture, the light that abandons her, the desire that consumes her, the body that withers away, that hand that shakes in tenderness, the insane look.

Mário Barroso

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