Km 224

Km 224

A film by António-Pedro Vasconcelos

Starring José Fidalgo, Ana Varela, Gonçalo Menino, Sebastião Matias

Mário and Cláudia are going through a contentious divorce process, marked by a dispute for the custody of their two children (5-year-old Rodrigo and 7-year-old Mateus). Mário isn’t a traditional father and sees joy as the most important component in education. But, due to negligence or bad luck, he subjects his children to unconventional situations. On the other hand, Cláudia is ambitious and focused on her job. The children alternate between living with each of their progenitors. This arrangement is called into question when Mário is prevented from being with his children and Cláudia accepts a job in another country. With the wisdom of children, Francisco and Mateus will make their parents reevaluate their deepest certainties and put their grudges in perspective.


José Fidalgo
Ana Varela
Gonçalo Menino
Sebastião Matias
Joana Africano
Lia Gama
Pedro Hossi
Ana Cristina Oliveira
Susana Arrais
Rui Morisson
André Gomes


Direction and screenplay by António-Pedro Vasconcelos
From an original ideia by Filipa Martins

Director of photography: Mário Barroso
Sound: Francisco Veloso, Pedro Góis
Decors: Nuno Mello aka Tigre de Fogo
Costume designer: Lucha d'Orey
Music: José M. Afonso
Editor: Tiago Augusto
Casting: Patrícia Vasconcelos

Delegate producer: Mariana Marta Branco
Executive Producer: Ana Pinhão Moura

Associate producers: Maribel Ruiz Pascual, Antonello Novellino
Producer: Paulo Branco

A Leopardo Filmes production

In association with  
RTP - Rádio e Televisão de Portugal  

APM Produções

Belino Production  

With the support of ICA - Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual
Fundo de Apoio ao Turismo e ao Cinema
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

Lisboa Film Commission

International Sales and Festivals: Alfama Films

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