A film by Patricia Plattner

Starring Bernadette Lafont, Lou Doillon, Pio Marmaï

Gabrielle, antique dealer by profession, has just turned 65. Still full of energy, her life revolves around the work she loves, time spent partying with a close-knit circle of friends, and the precious moments she shares with her daughter Elvire. But her world turns upside down when – on the very day she learns she is to become a grandmother - she receives notice to quit her beloved shop Bazaar.

Her friends suggest she take the easy option and slow down. Seeing this as one step towards retirement, she turns her back on their advice. Throwing caution to the wind, she embarks on a love affair with Fred, a 25-year-old of Portuguese origin. Fred lives with his friend, Niko just over the Swiss border, in an industrial squat.

How will these two “free spirits” get on together? Is Fred as talented a sculptor as she thinks he is? Will Gabrielle lose her circle of friends? How will her daughter, Elvire, and Gilles, her long-time friend and lover, take all this?

  • 2009, 103 min., Format : 1.85, Sound: Dolby SRD, VO FR ST ENGL

Release date


Bernadette Lafont - Gabrielle
Lou Doillon - Elvire
Pio Marmaï - Fred
Jean-Paul Wenzel - Gilles
Alexandra Stewart - Joanna
Sacha Bourdo - Niko
Grégoire Oestermann - François
Vimala Pons - Marina
David Gobet - Dan
Léo Eckmann - Alexander


Art director - Ivan Niclass

Editor - Loredana Cristelli

Music - Jacques Robellaz

First assistant director - Ketal Guénin

Sound - Henri Maikoff

Photography - Aldo Mugnier

Casting director - Sarah Teper

Casting director - Leila Fournier

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