By Valeria SarmientoUpcoming Films

By Stéphanie PilloncaUpcoming Films

By Dennis BerryUpcoming Films

D'une folie l'autre

By Gilles BlanchardUpcoming Films

Le bonheur est pour demain

By Brigitte SyUpcoming Films

Une photo de famille

By Jackie BastideUpcoming Films

Mozungo s'en va-t-en guerre

By João Nuno PintoFilms in production

Soleil Battant

By Clara et Laura LaperrousazFilms in production

The Captain

By Robert SchwentkeFilms in production

Tous les rêves du monde

By Laurence Ferreira BarbosaFilms in production

Ashes and blood

By Fanny ArdantFilms Completed


By Brigitte SyFilms Completed


By Patricia PlattnerFilms Completed

Casanova Variations

By Michael SturmingerFilms Completed


By David CronenbergFilms Completed


By Andrzej ZulawskiFilms Completed

Dubaï Flamingo

By Delphine KreuterFilms Completed

Dying or feeling better

By Laurence Ferreira BarbosaFilms Completed

Eyes find eyes

By Jean-Manuel Fernandez et Sean Price WilliamsFilms Completed

Fool moon

By Grégoire Leprince-RinguetFilms Completed

Four nights with Anna

By Jerzy SkolimowskiFilms Completed

Lines of Wellington

By Valeria SarmientoFilms Completed

Love songs

By Christophe HonoréFilms Completed

Mad Love

By Philippe RamosFilms Completed

My soul healed by you

By François DupeyronFilms Completed

Mysteries of Lisbon

By Raúl RuizFilms Completed

Never Ever

By Benoit JacquotFilms Completed

Obsessive rhythms

By Fanny ArdantFilms Completed

Our Paradise

By Gaël MorelFilms Completed


By Carlos SabogaFilms Completed

Stalin's couch

By Fanny ArdantFilms Completed

The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez

By Wim WendersFilms Completed

The blue room

By Mathieu AmalricFilms Completed

The inner life of Martin Frost

By Paul AusterFilms Completed

The Mother

By Alberto MoraisFilms Completed

The threeway wedding

By Jacques DoillonFilms Completed

The Young One

By Julien SamaniFilms Completed


By Werner SchroeterFilms Completed

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