PRESS RELEASE « The man who killed Don Quixote »

The Judge of Emergency Interim Proceedings has confirmed that the contracts of the company ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTION and of Paulo BRANCO have not been terminated and that both do in fact justify “being owners of rights in virtue of these contracts that have by pursuit in neglect of their consent of litigious production and exploitation and of which the violation characterizes an apparent, manifest and illicit discord”.

He thus constrains the Cannes Film Festival to show, beforehand of the screening, a warning addressed to the public in written form, projected on the screen, which reminds that this screening “does not bear prejudice to the rights invoked by the company ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTION and Mister Paulo BRANCO on this film against Mister Terry GILLIAM and the producers mentioned in the credits, which are subject to current proceedings”.

The Cannes Film Festival will be sole responsible for the screening fees of this message.

Mister Terry GILLIAM and the companies STAR INVEST FILMS FRANCE and KINOLOGY are sentenced to reimburse ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTION and Paulo BRANCO for the fees endured in order to make their rights enforced.

This decision confirms ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTION’s analysis which does not allow to this day, considering the state of judiciary decisions already given, the release of the movie in theatres on May 19th 2018 on the French territory, which would constitute a violation of its rights.

ALFAMA FILMS PRODUCTION owns 100% of the rights of exploitation in France, the United States, Italy and Benelux.

On other territories in the world, no decision of commercialization or exploitation can be taken without its accord.


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